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New Release of Biztrak MSB Edition 13

Biztrak Business Solutions Sdn Bhd is pleased to announce the release and availability of our all-new Biztrak MSB 13 on 20 Jun 2017.

ePay Module

Biztrak MSB Edition 13 takes our award-winning suite of accounting and business management software to new levels of functionality and performance with new ePay module and enhancements. ePay module facilitates ‘Bank Giro Transfer’ payment transactions by instructing a bank to directly transfer funds from one bank account to another without the use of cheques. ‘Bank Giro Transfer’ is predominantly used in Malaysia nowadays where we have seen as an effective way for companies to make payments to their vendors.

Cash Flow Module

Biztrak MSB Edition 13’s new release allows user to create a statement of cash flows during a given reporting period. The direct method uses actual cash flow information from the company's operations segment, instead of using accrual accounting values.

The cash flow statement presented using the direct method is easy to read because it lists all of the major operating cash receipts and payments during the period by source. In other words, it lists where the cash inflows came from, usually customers, and where the cash outflows went, typically employees, vendors, etc

Supported Versions

With the availability of Biztrak MSB Edition 13, the supported versions of Biztrak MSB are officially MSB Edition 13 and MSB 12. This is in line with our long-standing policy of providing user-support for the last 2 versions of our products.

Download Link : Biztrak MSB Edition 13

How to install :

Please contact or email to us for further information.



  1. RHB ePay Generation File program has been enhanced to include ‘Rentas’ payment method. (ST-00011577)


  1. When retrieve Customized Balance Sheet or Customized Income Statement with the first fiscal period of the earliest fiscal year, system prompts an error message ‘The database error is :’. (ST-00009262)

Download Link : Biztrak New and Enhanced Features - MSB 13 SP#1 (

Biztrak New and Enhanced Features - MSB 12 SP#6 EBF#3 (

A. Tax

  1. The GST Audit File (GAF) generated by system will now show the transactions from AR Sales Invoice and AR Debit Memo under ‘S’ element, and transactions AP Vendor Invoice and AP Debit Memo will be showed under ‘P’ element. ST-00010324

Download Link : Biztrak New and Enhanced Features - MSB 12 SP#6 EBF#3 (

Biztrak MSB 12.0 Service Pack #6 EBF #2 (


  1. When create an invoice receipt with foreign currency and deposit into a foreign currency bank account, system will show a wrong transaction amount in Bank Reconciliation.
  2. When click 'Generate' button in AP Bad Debts Relief window, system will prompt an error message 'Update journal header failed'.
  3. When create a cash payment with foreign currency bank account and with tax amount, system will show it as two records in Bank Reconciliation.


  1. The journal entries of a sales return will show wrong amounts, if it matches with a sales invoice with discount and tax amount.


  1. The Column 19 (MSIC section) in Tax Submission Report - GST-03 (Malaysia) does not include amount from Sales Return.

Download Link : Biztrak MSB 12.0 Service Pack #6 EBF#2 (

Biztrak MSB 11.0 Service Pack #17 EBF #1 (


  1. Customer Historical Receipts do not appear in Customer Ledger report. (ST-00005978)


  1. After modifying the Max. Qty, Min. Qty and Reorder Qty in Item Information, saving these changes will cause error message – ‘Row changed between retrieve and update’. (ST-00005898)
  2. Batch Inquiry will display wrong transaction balance quantity, if user modifies the batched item’s sales invoice by deleting existing detail and inserting back with same item but different quantity. (ST-00005929)

Download Link : Biztrak MSB 11.0 Service Pack #17 EBF#1 (

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