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Please be informed that on 5th February 2018, the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD) has revised "The Guide on Accounting Software Enhancement towards GST Compliance" ("Accounting Software Guide" can be downloaded here). AS a result of the revision, several changes have been and will be made to the BIZTRAK MSB application to comply with the revised Accounting Software Guide.




In addition, in order to meet the new compliances under the GST Audited File (GAF) Version 2.0, the following new features will be updated in Biztrak MSB Edition 13.0 Service Pack#4 which is targeted to be released by early April 2018.

a)     GAF  2.0 File will be saved and stored automatically in Biztrak Database and specific location after Tax Reconciliation Process. 

b)     New Added Tax Indicators in Tax Detail Program. The Tax Indicators will be linked to GAF 2.0's

- "P" (Purchase) : Linked to Record Type: P
- "S" (Supply) : Linked to Record Type: S

c)     New added "Posting Date" in AP & Purc Modules to comply with requirements in GAF 2.0.  This change includes following transaction screens:

- AP menu>Vendor Invoice
- AP menu>Credit Note
- AP menu>Debit Note
- Purc menu>Vendor Invoice

d)     New AP Aging Reports will be added:

- Aging Analysis (Details by Invoice Date)
- Aging Analysis by Periods (Details by Invoice Date)
- Aging Analysis  (Summary by Invoice Date)
- Aging Analysis by Periods (Summary by Invoice Date)

e)     New Custom Declaration field will be added in following transaction screens' Detail tab:

- AR menu> Sales Invoice
- Sales menu>  Sales Invoice
- AP menu> Vendor Invoice
- Purc menu> Vendor Invoice

Please feel free to contact our Support & Maintenance team at / or call 03-8081 1269 (Main)/ 8081 4932 should you require more information.


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