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Please be informed that on 16th May 2018, Malaysia’s Finance Ministry (MoF) announced that goods and services tax (GST) within Malaysia and those imported from abroad, which incur GST of 6%, will be reduced to 0% from 1st June 2018. This does not cover goods and services that are already exempted from the GST.

This change will be the approach to maintain GST system until the new design of Sales and Service Tax (SST) model pass the law for its implementation. You can refer to the following attachments or the changes of Purchase & Supply Tax Codes:

  1. GST TAX CODES (01 Jan 2018 to 31 May 2018)

  2. GST Tax Codes (01 June 2018 onward)

  3. GST-03 Mapping

Please find enclosed the full announcement pertaining to zero-rated GST related matters and the FAQs for the transitional of GST 6% to 0% for your perusal.

Please feel free to contact our Support team at / or call 03-8081 1269 (Main)/ 8081 4932 should you require more information.



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